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Seminar: Languages for Scientific Computing

  • Winter semester 2012-13.

  • CAMPUS #: 12ws-29563

  • Lectures begin: Thursday, October 11, 4pm.
    Rogowski 115 - AICES seminar room (Schinkelstrasse 2)

Topic Assignment

Date Name Topic Links
Niko Abeler Erlang [Web]
Tauqeer Ahmad Evolution of Fortran [Web]
Alvaro Frank Garbage collection [Survey paper]
Kai Frerich Just-in-time compilation [Paper] [LuaJit]
Robert Heim Agile development [Web] [Paper]
Albert Helligrath Test-driven development (TDD) [Web]
Henry Hutasoit GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming [Web]
Marcel Klinzing Clojure [Web]
Paul Springer Parallelism in Python [Tutorial]
Thorsten Sehy Evolution of C++ [Web]
David Sosnitza OpenACC [Web]
Alex Tritthart Multiple dispatching [Web] [Paper]


  • October 11: Intro & Topic assignment.

  • October 25: Schedule.
    "HOWTO: Presentations", by P. Bientinesi [PDF]

  • 15.11.2012: Evolution of C++, Garbage collection

  • 22.11.2012: JIT, Erlang

  • 29.11.2012: Evolution of Fortran, OpenACC

  • 06.12.2012: Multiple Dispatching

  • 13.12.2012: Clojure, Test Driven Development

  • 17.01.2013, 3.30pm: Agile, Parallelism in Python

  • 20.01.2013: 4.20pm: GAP